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Eat cheese every day, you love it. And when you taste
one who has it all: flavor, aroma and texture, without doubt, choose
COINGA cheeses.

A healthy and authentic food, prepared in the tradition of
artisans, 100% Mediterranean, ideal for lunch only, in
salad, recipes, desserts and sandwiches.

A variety Mahón for every occasion.
Minorca to your table with COINGA, now in one click!

COINGA, chesse D.O.P. Mahón-Menorca

Passion for cheese?
To be D.O.P (protected guarantee of origin) the cheese must abide by many requirements.
Do you know them?
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Do not let lack Coinga!
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A good wine and semi-cured COINGA. Brillant, buttery and soft to palate. Ideal appetizer and with class.