A gastronomic treasure
of the Mediterranean



Medium shell

Our mature cheese is left to mature for between 180 and 240 days in order to acquire an intensely aromatic flavour with hints of leather and aged wood. The paste has a characteristically firm and consistent texture and when cut, reveals a slightly granulated texture with a subtle gleam. A sheer delight for cheese lovers. Ideal for serving as an appetiser or dessert, and even better when accompanied by dried fruit and nuts or sweet fruits. Best enjoyed in good company.

100 G

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Energy value: 438 Kcal/1817KJ.
Fats: 35,5 g.
Saturated fatty acids: 25 g.
Carbohydrates: 2,7 g.
Sugars: <0,5 g.
Protein: 26,9 g.
Salt: 2 g.
Calcium: 820 mg.

Fixed weight 100 g.
Vacuum Packaging
16 units per blister
2 blisters per box, total 32 units. boxed
Expiration date: 150 days.
Boxes per complete pallet: 100
Complete European pallet: base 7 boxes, height 10 boxes