At Coinga we are committed to the conservation of the Island of Menorca, declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 1993, the self-sustainability and viability of the farms.

In this way, at Coinga we give fair value to the dairy production of Menorca through Mahón-Menorca cheese and other dairy products.

Green energy, our ally

We source our supplies from the largest private solar power generation plant on the island.
40% of the energy we use to make our products, in our plant located in Alaior, comes from renewable energy.

The use of green energy, in addition to allowing us a significant reduction in the carbon footprint and helping to preserve the environment, one of the main values that we defend at Coinga, contributes to improving the sustainability of the cooperative itself.

We promote actions for a better future

All our products are certified with the highest standards of quality and food safety, certified with the highest level of IFS (International Food Standard).

Coinga has a Quality department that works to improve processes, product quality, packaging sustainability, computerization and improvement of work systems.

More sustainable production processes

Coinga is now in a transition phase to focus on more sustainable production systems and produce products that are as natural as possible within the maximum guarantees of food safety.

We are currently working on reducing the presence of plastics in packaging. The importance that the Quality department gives to the safety of the products is maximum, for this reason all our batches of Mahón-Menorca cheese and fresh cheese are released with a microbiological analysis according to current regulations. For this, apart from working with laboratories accredited by ENAC in ISO 17025, Coinga has had its own laboratory since its inception in 1966 where all kinds of analyzes are carried out to guarantee the quality of our food and where we develop new products.