Dairy products are very complete foods.

They present a wide variety of nutrients and a good balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates. Their varied composition makes them an opportunity to cover the nutritional needs of different population groups.

Natural and healthy dairy

Our cows eat healthy. They feed mainly on green grass from the meadows and this makes the milk and final products we produce more natural and nutritious with a profile of healthier fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, essential for the essential functions of the body.

Free-ranging animals get exercise and are much less stressed than feedlot, which contributes to animal welfare. In addition, and unlike stabled cows, which eat mostly processed feed and silage, free-range cows feed mainly on green grass from meadows.

A compromise with quality

Every day we collect and analyze the milk from our farms to verify its quality, pack it as fresh as possible and distribute it within a few hours.

Exemplary farms

In all farms, at least two annual internal audits are carried out, in order for the farmer to maintain the level of compliance, in the requirements that are applicable to him, as well as in the continuity of the self-controls that he must carry out and in the records that guarantee the traceability of production.

Technicians from the Coinga Quality department regularly visit the farms and offer advice to farmers to resolve any doubts that may arise.