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We are farmers and ranchers, we plant to feed our cattle that feed people.

At Coinga we defend the practices of the Menorcan countryside from the environmental and animal point of view. Some practices that have been transmitted from parents to children for generations, which has allowed us to preserve our traditions, change value to the rural world and to the products we make. In fact, cheese making in Menorca dates back 2,000 years.

Menorca and our characteristic landscape

Cattle farms in Menorca are divided into “tanques” (plots of land) delimited by drywall walls, one of the most characteristic elements of our rural landscape. This system allows cows to graze on a rotating basis in order to give the land a more rational and productive use.

The farms in Menorca have an average of 50 cows per farm on large farms that care for and maintain the transmission of a unique and authentic value to the island’s landscape.

These practices have a direct impact on the environment, helping to maintain and sustain the Menorcan countryside, reducing the carbon footprint and ammonia emissions.

The unique flavor of Menorca

Our products are unique in the world thanks to the fact that our cows feed on natural pastures salinized by the Tramontana (North) wind coming from the Mediterranean Sea.

Menorcan cows are happier because they are in their natural habitat, they graze, drink, lie down, come and go and do what they want without anyone bothering them.

Livestock, an activity that generates value and livelihoods

Agriculture and livestock continue to be a major activity on the island, where tourism has become the main economic engine. Even so, the activity we carry out is not gardening; it is a real economic activity, which generates value and livelihoods, capable of competing at the highest level for the quality of our products and work systems.